Workshop productions


Artwork production is about wandering, sensing, articulating. These are works along the way.

London Diary

I had a nice flat, but the A205 was outside my window. There was only one way to regain control of my acoustic space, that was to play music. These recordings were made inside my living room.


Announcements on London railstations are loud and penetrating. I made these recordings in the railway tunnel on my everyday journey to Goldsmiths College. I used to run through it sticking fingers in my ears. However, this day Jim was playing...


Close to Forest Hill is Sydenham Hill Wood, a hidden and fenced in ancient forest, only for those that happen to know. I believe in the biophilia hypothesis, that humans need nature, and here is how people and animals express their joy.

Arriving from Lillehammer, the London noise was a culture shock. I felt under siege, about to be thrown into despair by sound vibrations in crowds, buildings and streets. I gradually learned to adapt. This work is about the soundscapes of three places of my everyday life.


The video was made as an assignment for a sound workshop in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths College autumn 2011.


Winter afternoon in Dover

This is my first video ever with moving images. It is composed of a series of video pannings and sound recordings along the coast, harbour, street and cliffs of Dover.


Alexandra Baixinho from Portugal participated in recording the sounds. Here you can hear our first experiments in making sounds with contact - and hydromicrophones.



I really wanted to go to Dover, maybe because of a song from the 1940´s.

This is a voice memo recording, I cannot sing, but who cares...




The video was made in February 2012 for the workshop in video production at Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths College.

Summer in Oslo Forest


This video is an outcome of four days walk in Oslo forest

in the Spålen / Katnosa area in the summer of 2011.


I love being inside these green spaces, among the trees, brooks and birds.

I grew up with this forest and it is the most beautiful place I know.

The video was made in August 2011 for a course in Practice led research at Lillehammer College.